Happening Objectives

In a happening, people have to make their own meaning. The objectives don't have to be the same, but it helps if there is a synergy between them.

If you know how forking works, edit your version of this page and add your objective. Start with a link to your bio page.

This is probably a place where comment-style remarks are valuable. See Comment by Forking for more information.


Mike Caulfield: My objective is that at least five people out of our twenty-nine newbies will continue to use federated wiki for journaling after the course. In a broader sense, I'm looking to develop a new sort of community/culture here that is part wiki, part blogging, part social network. I believe this new sort of culture could Radically Alter How We Use the Web and How We Need to Approach Learning.

Jon Udell: I'm here to help Mike and Ward and the FedWiki team deliver an experience that helps people appreciate why and how to inhabit networked spaces that are woven together from individual spaces.

Jeff Rimland: I really have 3 objectives. My first one was to use it enough that I *feel* how it works (as Mike Caulfield would say). I've accomplished this one. I get it. I dig it. I'm hooked on it. My second objective is to figure out how it will fit into a class I'm teaching this Spring, and how to get the students to get it. This objective is still in progress. Finally, I want to encourage this Happening to keep happening (even after the Happening). This is an amazing group that Mike, Ward, and Co. have assembled. I hope that 6 months from now I'm still seeing your posts and comments in my Recent Changes.